Training and Workshop

Data Analytics

Enermics offers data analytics training to help participants develop skills in processing, interpreting, and drawing insights from large datasets. The workshops cover various data analysis techniques, statistical methods, and data visualization tools to enable effective data-driven decision-making.

Business Analytics

Business analytics workshops provided by Enermics focus on applying data-driven approaches to solve business problems and optimize operations. Participants learn how to leverage data to identify trends, make informed business decisions, and gain a competitive advantage.

Fundamentals of the Energy Industry

This workshop is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the energy industry's fundamental concepts, including energy sources, supply chain dynamics, market trends, and regulatory aspects. It helps individuals gain insights into the complexities and opportunities in the energy sector.

Petroleum Economic Modeling: Modeling Petroleum Fiscal Regime

Enermics Consulting offers specialized workshops on petroleum economic modeling, focusing on analyzing the financial implications of various fiscal regimes and policies in the oil and gas industry. Participants learn how to build models that assess the economic viability of petroleum projects under different fiscal scenarios.

Econometric Analysis

Econometric analysis workshops cover advanced statistical techniques applied in economics and finance. Participants learn how to model and analyze economic data, estimate relationships between variables, and forecast economic trends using econometric methods.

Energy Project Economics

Enermics provides workshops on energy project economics, where participants learn to evaluate the financial feasibility of energy-related projects, such as renewable energy installations, power plants, or infrastructure projects. This involves assessing project costs, revenues, risks, and returns to make informed investment decisions.

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